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Emily B

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Raven-haired MILF Emily Banfield is a posh babe who loves to be bad! This London-born beauty was educated at fancy private schools in the UK, but instead of going to university, Emily decided to pursue a sexier calling to become a nude model and pornstar! This petite stunner was a natural: right away, she impressed porn fans with her deepthroat blowjob skills and love of getting fucked hard, not to mention her sexy looks and huge fake tits!<br/><br/> A passionate animal lover and committed vegetarian, Emily B's as outspoken in her personal life as she is on set when she tells her costars to fuck her harder! In addition to her porn career, Emily is an entrepreneur who runs her own business, but she still somehow finds the time for daily walks on the beach and chats with her fans on social media, where she often shares sexy selfies! See Emily in action now on Digital Playground.

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