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Jaxson Briggs

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Beefy newcomer Jaxon Briggs was initially nervous about not being able to cum in front of the camera, but since erupting a thick, creamy load on his first solo shoot, which he said tasted "pretty sweet," he hasn't held back. The bearded, bisexual hunk loves big dicks and big booty, and he is open to trying just about anything on set. Full of swag and with a relaxed and mellow style, the dark-haired stud is probably the coolest male pornstar around, and if that isn’t enough, then his huge 8" cock is sure to put a smile on your face! When the muscular stud isn’t working, he can be found sculpting his rock-hard body to perfection at the gym or chilling at home with his adorable pet dog. Check out human action man Jaxon in his jaw-dropping scenes below!

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