MIDE-829 Busy day after class for Shirasaka Yui

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My father passed away when I was young, so my mother had to work hard to raise me alone. When my mother wanted to remarry Shinjo-san, even though I felt insecure about this man, seeing her happy made me happy for her. But the thing I was most afraid of happened. Turns out, this man is a pervert. While my mother was home, he used force to take over my body! However, when I saw my mother happy, I couldn't bring myself to talk about this with her. I had to endure being tainted by my trash stepfather over and over again. At the door, in the hallway, in the bedroom... Just stay out of my mother's sight and he will force me to serve him anywhere and anytime...

MIDE-829 Busy day after class for Shirasaka Yui

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